The Confidence Caddy was created to inspire and empower girls by writing and reciting positive affirmations. Building self-esteem and confidence is essential to helping  girls overcome low self-esteem and becoming a victim of bullying. According to The National Center for Educational Statistics, the most reported incidents of bullying reported by students include physical appearance, race/ethnicity, and gender.

Bullying is a harmful act that can be physical, verbal, or cyber involving intimidation of the victim perceived to be fearful of the perpetrator. Physical bullying is hitting, shoving, tripping, or destroying other’s belongings. Verbal bullying is hurtful words such as name-calling, threating others, writing hurtful comments, and spreading rumors.  Cyber bullying is harming someone using technology such as social media, text messages, emails, creating fake accounts or posting inappropriate pictures.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any form of bullying, please inform an adult!

                                                BRAVERY OVER FEAR!

 The Confident Caddy takes you on the journey of the creator, Ferrin Roy’s road to self-love. Each item represents a critical moment in Roy’s life, which helped her overcome the most alarming moment "feeling different!"  The journal and pen represent the days she would write about her experiences with having a facial birthmark as a teen. The mirror represents her escape route used when she had her self-esteem boosting conversations. This reminded her, “You are Beautiful, just the way you are!”

                             Tag, You're IT!!

It’s time for your journey to begin! Open your mirror and recite the "Confidence Pledge” included in your Confidence Caddy. Narrative writing creates an alternative avenue that allows girls to express their true feelings. Each day you will begin by writing a daily affirmation about yourself such as " Today, I will stand up for myself. At the end of day, journal your thoughts about how you achieved your goal or if you will work on the same goal tomorrow. 


The road to confidence is near! Ferrin wants you all to remember,

         " You are Beautiful, just the way you are!"